Exploring the wonders of nature
Exploring the wonders of nature
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About Adam

Adam Bacher Photographer

Wonders of Nature

Adam Bacher is a professional photographer with over twenty-five years of experience, and feels blessed that his work is also his passion. Most of the places seen in the wonders of nature photography collections are accessible only by hiking deep into the wilderness. Adam’s goal is to capture the landscapes he sees, as true and perfect as the experience, taking you to a time and place far removed from the pressures of everyday life.

In the wilderness, immersed in the natural world, he is inspired by the authenticity of a universe virtually untouched by humanity.  A place where life unfolds moment by moment, and he becomes a participant in the vast spectacle around him.  

Beautiful, simple, primitive and real: the mountains are like the soul of the earth.  When light touches the earth, water, and sky in just the right way, the views are spectacular, the colors are dazzling, and the feelings are indescribable. 

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Adam Bacher’s Raven images reflect a raw intimacy between photographer and subject. Often close enough to feel air rushing through muscular wings, the personal connection captured in his Raven photographs, and how that relationship transcends to viewers, is what makes this work so exciting.

As he continues photographing, exhibiting, giving lectures and keynote presentations, Bacher has been astonished by the connections people have to these birds. Raven lovers seem to be everywhere, and he has come to understand the deep cultural, historical and universal personal connections people have with them.

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